Something to TWEET about

Spring is almost here…

I love sitting and staring outside my window at the birds as they have their daily conversations over bird seed. They always have something interesting to ‘tweet’ about.

I’m excited for my new Print on Demand collection from Firehole Creative which includes colorful totes, purses, cell phone cases and more. I appreciate your support of my new collection in advance.

Here are a few of my Spring infused designs that I hope lighten your spirit

Cute Goslings near my local park

Adele Art News…

Sunday Morning Impression

I’ve been missing in action on Adele Lassiter Creative for awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.

After getting laid off my technology sales job in January, I’ve enjoyed taking a bit of time travel to art museums and improve my craft.

I’ve been selling on Etsy for over a year and while I’ll maintain some presence on the site, I’ve found it is not the best platform to connect with my art clients and showcase my unique artistic style.

My goal as an artist is to build connection and bring joy to the audience. While I need to make some money from the art to pay for paint supplies, my primary focus in selling is to ensure art lovers can take home my art and ENJOY it!

Therefore all my original canvas will be sold on my retail website: adelelassiterart.com

I will also be launching several print on demand collections with partner sites including:

What I’m working on…

  • Chasing Impressionism Series:
    • I love the colors and movement in Impressionism and will be taking that inspiration to the canvas for a new collection of original paintings, prints and more.
  • National Park Art – I continue to paint and support the National Parks.

Also on the horizon:

  • Podcast: As I’m in between jobs, I can finally dedicate time to a passion project…a podcast about art and travel. I will be launching the podcast in March in partnership with my travel blog, American Nomad Traveler.
    • We’ll be touring iconic art museums including The Guggenheim(NYC) to The Uffizi (Italy)
  • Lectures about Art History…I have an art history background and am working on several interactive lectures and classes to share my knowledge and love of art with you! Stay tuned.

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Art on the move – Art show at Greystone Widewaters + NC State Fair

First time entering at NC State Fair

October has been a busy month for Adele Lassiter Creative – I’m grateful to have been asked to feature my art at the wonderful Greystone Widewaters Community in Knightdale NC. This amazing apartment community features local artists in their community center quarterly.

I am showing nearly fifteen pieces of my art at Greystone through December.

In building my collection for Greystone I wanted to showcase a mix of my work from my landscapes to colorful impressionism. A few of my favorite pieces in the ‘Greystone Collection’

Greystone hosted a meet the artist event and I was able to connect with residents about my art and learn about their own creative pursuits. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my paintings and spread a little joy at Greystone.

Another personal achievement for me is showing my art at the NC State Fair. This has been a personal goal since I started painting seriously again a few years ago. I selected one of my most popular paintings – To the Lighthouse, which is a folk art style interpretation of the Bodie (pronounced Body) Island Lighthouse in the NC Outer Banks.

The talent at the fair was AMAZING, especially the K-12 art. I was humbled by the talent of the young artists.

If you want to help me to continue to create more art – please consider purchasing an original piece on my Etsy page.

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Autumn Road: Fresh Art on Etsy

Autumn is my favorite color – I love the burnt oranges and flame reds with sunburnt yellows as the trees make their glorious grand finale before winter.

There is so much symbolism in the beauty of fall, as it prepares us for the chill of the upcoming frost and darker days. It ignites a fire of beauty in the changing of the leaves and invigorating crispness of the air.

I love to paint landscapes because each mountain scene or prairie has a unique perspective – and I enjoy exploring the depths of shadows and lights. In the past year I’ve enjoyed developing a ‘contemporary impressionism’ landscape style that puts color and value as the focus.

As I continue my art journey, I’m continuing to learn and master differing styles of painting from realism to modernism, but I tend to find my niche in natural spaces and bringing to life the impression of the colors and space versus full realism.

I started this painting with a base layer of burnt umber and unbleached titanium and build out the colors from there. It takes a lot longer than you would think to create this scene. I spent over ninety minutes on the trees along, as I started with dark greens and burnt browns before layering in color.

I decided to keep this a bit whimsical without creating detailed buildings. I wanted to create the romance of forgotten barns off a country road where adventure awaits.

Autumn Road is now available on Etsy for only $35.00

I keep my art affordable – at cost so everyone has access to beautiful art at a fair price.


Art in Minnesota: Inspired by Lake Superior

In September I enjoyed a vacation to glorious Lake Superior in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I spent a week exploring Minnesota’s North Shore – a rocky coast against the deep blue of the world’s largest lake by surface area. You can learn about all my travel adventures on my sister blog ‘American Nomad’ – adelelassiter.com

I spent a large part of my trip hiking and focusing on nature photography…and getting inspired for a Great Lakes series of paintings throughout the fall.

I wanted to share a few of my pieces on Adele Lassiter Creative the stories behind the art:

High Falls of the Pigeon River

Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin is ‘waterfall country’ – with hundreds of dramatic cascades. Minnesota Highway 61 (North Shore Drive) on the western shore of Lake Superior has countless trails, scenic views and easy to access towering falls that are hidden jewels.

While, I always knew Minnesota’s Lake Superior shore was scenic, words cannot describe God’s majesty here. It reminds me of the rocky coast of Maine or Oregon, which dark jagged rock formations. Wandering rivers plummet over the rocky cliffs, thundering with awe inspiring grandeur.

Over the course of the week I saw over thirty waterfalls, and will continue to paint many of the imagery throughout the fall, but one of my favorites was The High Falls of the Pigeon River.

Located right on the edge of the Canadian border in the Grand Portage State Park (MN), The High Falls of the Pigeon River pummels 120 feet, roaring into the chasm below. This is right on the cusp of the historical important Grand Portage. You can read more about The Grand Portage on my sister blog and on the NPS website.

The High Falls of the Pigeon River are the tallest falls in Minnesota (shared with Canada) and accessible via a short walking path (around a mile roundtrip). You literally hike to the edge of the US/Canada border.

The Grand Portage State Park and Welcome Center – run by the local Anishinaabeg Ojibwe Tribe. To learn more click here.

A portage is carrying of a boat between two navigable waters. In the era of the fur trade, this area was difficult to pass and demanded a portage to the Grand Portage Trading Post on the shores of nearby Lake Superior. The traders who then take the goods across Lake Superior towards rivers and lakes to Montreal and beyond.

Waterfalls can be difficult to paint, because in nature waterfalls are dynamic and alive with movement. You have to create layers and detail brushwork to create the mist and thunder of a waterfall. I’m still working on perfecting this skill, but think I did a decent job with my interpretation of The High Falls of the Pigeon River.

My version of the High Falls

One thing that struck me about Minnesota’s North Shore is the rocky cliffs reminiscent of Maine or Oregon. The dramatic craggy iron rich visits, coupled with boreal forests invite explorers to sit back in awe.

There is nothing more peaceful that sitting by a lake (or the ocean) and simply be quiet, listing to the crash of the waves. Lake Superior quickly pulls you into its spell.

Shore of Lake Superior near Split Rock Lighthouse MN

I wanted to show the clear deep blue-green of Lake Superior and the lush boreal forest in my interpretation of the lakefront.

I will continue to paint Superior Country and blog my artistic journey.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Looking for an original Adele Lassiter Creative – check out my Etsy page


Solitude Lake – Montana Dreaming

My cozy contemporary romance is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited – you can enjoy a relaxing and thoughtful romance set in Montana. Download here

I lived in Montana for over five years and it still holds a piece of my heart. As John Steinbeck stated “I’m in love with Montana, For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America.

My first romance was falling in love with the scenery of Montana and I wanted to create a story that showcases the grandeur and peaceful healing beauty of Montana.

Solitude Lake is inspired by the hundreds of glacial lakes just south of Glacier National Park off MT-83. During a summer trip to Glacier, I was inspired to create a cozy story about Montana community.

Driving south from Glacier on MT-83 my mom and I fell in love with the Holland Lake Lodge and Holland Lake area. The serene peaceful setting is a hidden paradise where I felt the breath of God’s grace in the crystal lake waters and towering peaks…

I wrote Solitude Lake in 2012 while living in Bozeman MT and wanted to craft a story and setting that could be expanded into a series. I based many of the people and scenic spots on my own life adventures in Montana – from going to the rodeo, arts festivals and fly fishing on blue-ribbon trout streams.

The setting:

Solitude Lake is a pristine glacial lake inspired by real life Montana spots like The Holland Lake and Seeley Lake areas…

The lake is a few miles from the small but lively town of Hidden Creek, which features an eclectic collection of shops, restaurants and local characters.

Solitude Lake is near Glacier National Park and a portion of the novel takes place in Glacier.

The novel:

I term my novel a ‘cozy romance’ – because it is clean cut, but not meant to be sappy. It is a bit of Hallmark mixed with thoughtful character development. It does focus on faith and overcoming grief, but at its core this is a story about redemption and a second chance at true love.

I chose to release Solitude Lake on Kindle Unlimited so more readers would have the option to enjoy the novel. I am paid per book and hope to use the royalties to fund the next launch on a follow-up novel.

Visiting Montana:

In case you didn’t know, outside of my creative (art and writing blog), I regularly post travel articles on my American Nomad blog.

When I’m not working as an artist, musician and novelist – I’m constantly on the road for a career in software sales. This has allowed me to blog about some great travel spots – including a recent series on Montana/Yellowstone

As you read Solitude Lake I have no doubt that you will be ready to plan your own trip to Montana and Glacier Country…

Starting in early October we’ll be doing a travel-Solitude guide on Adele Lassiter Creative. I’ll feature articles on key spots featured in Solitude Lake and the greater Northwest Montana area…

Please download your copy of Solitude Lake: A Hidden Creek Romance – Montana inspired today on Amazon.


Life is better at…Solitude Lake

It has been several months since my ‘cozy romance novel’ was released on Amazon and it has been a wild ride. It isn’t easy being a working writer, also navigating a full time job in software sales…add in my music and art…well it has been nonstop.

Writing a romance novel and finding success on Kindle and with local bookstores has always been a dream of mine. Even before I could write I asked my Grandma Ruby to jot down my story ideas and create colorful illustrations.

Writing and publishing a book is HARD WORK. Even with creativity and courage – it can be difficult to figure out the publishing puzzle. I’m grateful to have found an excellent editor from Reedsy and have great feedback so far online from reviews…still it is a hard space to get into as an indie author.

I have tried Amazon ads, Facebook engagement, Twitter…At the end of the day I’m still figuring it out. To date – I’ve been blessed to have over 500 downloads and gotten a few royalty checks that paid for the FB ads.

Longterm I’d love to transition to spending my career focused on writing and my art business, but it is a long process.

I hope to have more Cupcake stories coming soon to whet my readers appetite and I’m regularly blogging on my Travel blog (adelelassiter.com)

I’d love for you to download a copy of Solitude Lake and post a review!

‘Solitude Lake’ is a thoughtful romance set in Montana’s Glacier Country…After the sudden death of her husband, Susan Dixon moves back to her hometown of Hidden Creek Montana into her family’s cabin on the shores of nearby Solitude Lake to rebuild her life. Her late husband, Bradley, left her with debts and heartbreak that she struggles to face. Back home, she reconnects with her first love and best friend, Jake Arnett..both long for a second chance at love, but is it worth the risk?

Available on Amazon…amazon.com/Solitude-Lake-Hidden-Creek-Romance-ebook/dp/B0B19N9B3M/

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Solitude Lake Romance – Available Now

My novel Solitude Lake (written under my pen name – Adele Darcy – is available on Amazon and for special order through your local bookstore!

Set in Montana’s Glacier Country, Solitude Lake follows the journey of Susan Dixon. After the tragic death of her husband, Susan uncovers he left her with a legacy of betrayal. Forced to move to her family cabin on the shores of Solitude Lake, Susan works to rebuild her life, but struggles to heal from her broken heart.

Taking a summer job at the nearby Solitude Lake Lodge, Susan reconnects with her high school sweetheart, Jake Arnett.

Can Susan trust a second chance at love?

This novel was inspired by my time in living in Montana and the gorgeous scenery of the craggy snowcapped mountains, hidden creeks and tranquil clear mountain lakes.

Solitude Lake is a story about healing from grief, finding faith and being open to second chances.

On sale now – on Kindle and special order (local book stores) 979-8218004699 (ISBN)

All profits (through July 1st) will be given to Yellowstone Flood relief. You can donate directly here as well.


Novel release: Adele’s new book Solitude Lake is on Amazon

I’m excited to announce that my cozy romance is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Solitude Lake is set in the shadow of Montana’s Glacier Country.

Following the tragic death of her husband, Susan Dixon struggles with the realization that the love they shared was crippled by his legacy of secrets and betrayal.  Hoping to rebuild her life, Susan moves back to her hometown of Hidden Creek Montana.  Settling into her family’s cabin on the peaceful shores of Solitude Lake, Susan searches for healing in the rugged scenery.

Taking a summer job at the neighboring Solitude Lake Lodge, Susan rekindles a romance with her old flame, Jake Arnett. As the couple fall in love under the Montana skies, a past of heartache and missed opportunities haunts them.  Susan needs to heal from her husband’s betrayal, while Jake is afraid of repeating past mistakes. Can these star-crossed lovers let go of regrets and fall into a happily ever after?  

The novel is inspired by my time living in Montana. I fell in love with the state’s countless backcountry lakes, canyons and majestic waterfalls. One a weekend trip my mom and I discovered The Holland Lake Lodge, which is located south of Glacier National Park.

As I toured the rustic lodge, an idea was born…

Solitude Lake takes the reader on a journey as Susan deals with anger, hurt and reconciliation in the aftermath of her husband’s death. She finds healing in the scenery of Montana’s jagged peaks.

The setting of Hidden Creek is modeled from charming real-life Montana communities like Condon, Seeley Lake and Bigfork.

Published by Firehole Press, ‘Solitude Lake; is NOW available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I’m grateful to my editor Leah (of Reedsy) and fans who encouraged me to follow this dream!

10% of all profits will be split between Save the Children (Ukraine Relief) and The National Park Foundation.


May Flowers

This month I am enjoying playing with color. I haven’t had time for large art projects but have carved out time for painting several times per week – focusing on flowers.

Flowers are sometime I struggle with – they are mch more detailed than you’d realize and demand both energy and precision.

I enjoyed partaking in The Art Sherpa’s Acrylic April – she offers free tutorials on YouTube. The Acrylic April Challenge included daily painting videos with a floral theme. I highly recommend doing this program (Even if it’s not April).

This got me inspired to play with my own floral paintings as well.

Each of these was done on flat canvas paper.

Help support my art by purchasing orignal prints and paintings on my Etsy page.