Solitude Lake – Montana Dreaming

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I lived in Montana for over five years and it still holds a piece of my heart. As John Steinbeck stated “I’m in love with Montana, For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America.

My first romance was falling in love with the scenery of Montana and I wanted to create a story that showcases the grandeur and peaceful healing beauty of Montana.

Solitude Lake is inspired by the hundreds of glacial lakes just south of Glacier National Park off MT-83. During a summer trip to Glacier, I was inspired to create a cozy story about Montana community.

Driving south from Glacier on MT-83 my mom and I fell in love with the Holland Lake Lodge and Holland Lake area. The serene peaceful setting is a hidden paradise where I felt the breath of God’s grace in the crystal lake waters and towering peaks…

I wrote Solitude Lake in 2012 while living in Bozeman MT and wanted to craft a story and setting that could be expanded into a series. I based many of the people and scenic spots on my own life adventures in Montana – from going to the rodeo, arts festivals and fly fishing on blue-ribbon trout streams.

The setting:

Solitude Lake is a pristine glacial lake inspired by real life Montana spots like The Holland Lake and Seeley Lake areas…

The lake is a few miles from the small but lively town of Hidden Creek, which features an eclectic collection of shops, restaurants and local characters.

Solitude Lake is near Glacier National Park and a portion of the novel takes place in Glacier.

The novel:

I term my novel a ‘cozy romance’ – because it is clean cut, but not meant to be sappy. It is a bit of Hallmark mixed with thoughtful character development. It does focus on faith and overcoming grief, but at its core this is a story about redemption and a second chance at true love.

I chose to release Solitude Lake on Kindle Unlimited so more readers would have the option to enjoy the novel. I am paid per book and hope to use the royalties to fund the next launch on a follow-up novel.

Visiting Montana:

In case you didn’t know, outside of my creative (art and writing blog), I regularly post travel articles on my American Nomad blog.

When I’m not working as an artist, musician and novelist – I’m constantly on the road for a career in software sales. This has allowed me to blog about some great travel spots – including a recent series on Montana/Yellowstone

As you read Solitude Lake I have no doubt that you will be ready to plan your own trip to Montana and Glacier Country…

Starting in early October we’ll be doing a travel-Solitude guide on Adele Lassiter Creative. I’ll feature articles on key spots featured in Solitude Lake and the greater Northwest Montana area…

Please download your copy of Solitude Lake: A Hidden Creek Romance – Montana inspired today on Amazon.