Adele Lassiter Creative – art and inspiration

Welcome to Adele Lassiter Creative! I have a passion for art, writing, music and more!

This is the central hub to showcase my original artwork and blog about my art, music and travel adventures.

I currently sell my originals on

I’ll be starting a new on-demand Art History Series later this spring and eventually some art tutorials as well.

About me: I fell in love with art at a young age and began drawing in middle school…I rediscovered my love of painting in after taking art history in college. I love all types of art, but am most influenced by Impressionism and Post-Impressionist movements. I draw a lot of inspiration from Monet, Matisse, Van Gogas and Cezanne…

I paint mostly in the acrylic medium, but have dabbled in pastels and oils.

When I’m not painting…

  • I have an ‘alter-ego’ as Adele Darcy-Romance Author…I chose the pen name from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. You can purchase my first novel, Solitude Lake on Amazon…you can also discover more about Adele Darcy here
  • I have a blog – American Nomad Traveler that features articles on everything from Yellowstone National Park to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • My full-time job (to pay for art supplies and trips to the art museum) is in software technology sales.
  • I love national parks and exploring art museums.
  • I have a cat named Cezanne named after my favorite painter

Sisley’s Dream Impression

Continuing my theme of ‘Chasing Impressionism’ I enjoyed creating a vibrant Impressionist scene showcasing the majesty of the mountains as spring takes flight. I named this painting ‘Sisley’s Dream’ as it was loosely inspired by the brushword used by renowned Impressionist Alfred Sisley, although the scene is my unique design. You can purchase the original…

Something to TWEET about

Spring is almost here… I love sitting and staring outside my window at the birds as they have their daily conversations over bird seed. They always have something interesting to ‘tweet’ about. I’m excited for my new Print on Demand collection from Firehole Creative which includes colorful totes, purses, cell phone cases and more. I…

Sleeping Bear Dunes Impression

I’m merging my love of Impressionism and our National Parks with my latest 9 x 12 acrylic canvas work…Sleeping Bear Dream… Inspired by a trip I took to Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes in 2021, I sought to capture the formidable windswept dunes and the crystal clear inland sea in this landscape painting. Lake…