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Welcome to Adele Lassiter Creative! I have a passion for art, writing, music and more! I decided to create this site to share my short stories, including my ‘Icing on the Cupcake Series’ and post creative blogs about my journey as an artist, photographer, musician and writer.

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When I’m not painting I’m traveling to our national parks, hanging out with my cat (Cezanne – named after my favorite painter), and working in software sales and sales coaching.

Thanks again for your support. Please comment and share!

Novel release: Adele’s new book Solitude Lake is on Amazon

I’m excited to announce that my cozy romance is now available for purchase on Amazon! Solitude Lake is set in the shadow of Montana’s Glacier Country. Following the tragic death of her husband, Susan Dixon struggles with the realization that the love they shared was crippled by his legacy of secrets and betrayal.  Hoping to… Continue reading Novel release: Adele’s new book Solitude Lake is on Amazon

May Flowers

This month I am enjoying playing with color. I haven’t had time for large art projects but have carved out time for painting several times per week – focusing on flowers. Flowers are sometime I struggle with – they are mch more detailed than you’d realize and demand both energy and precision. I enjoyed partaking… Continue reading May Flowers