Chasing Impressionism

Sisley’s Dream Impression

Continuing my theme of ‘Chasing Impressionism’ I enjoyed creating a vibrant Impressionist scene showcasing the majesty of the mountains as spring takes flight.

I named this painting ‘Sisley’s Dream’ as it was loosely inspired by the brushword used by renowned Impressionist Alfred Sisley, although the scene is my unique design. You can purchase the original here or prints here.

I love the way Impressionism allows you to represent the feeling of movement and color in a painting that captures the essence of real life in a tangible way even if it is not strictly realistic.

If you stand in a valley looking at the mountains in the distance you often notice the mix of burnt oranges and yellows coupled with vibrant green grasses and a mix of wildflowers.

At first the landscape may seem dull – if you just notice the burnt browns and yellows and ruddy dirt, but the more you pause and reflect on the nature the more the colors come alive.

My process:

This painting took three hours to complete and was a lot of layering.

The sky is meant to be bold and dramatic, because in the mountains you often witness these ‘God painted skies’ where the sky seems to be on fire with color.

I used a mix of acrylic paints including:

  • Naples Yellow, Indian Yellow, Burnt and Raw Sienna, White hues, Phthalo Green-Blue, Hookers Green and more.
  • I don’t use one paint brand religiously but have found my favorite acrylic brands are:
    • Liquitex Basics or Heavy Body Acrylic
    • Golden Paints
    • Sennelier (the paint company used by Monet and Van Gogh) – their Abstract pouring acrylics are great
    • Lukas
    • Soho (Jerry’s Artarama Brand)
  • I do recommend investing in quality (non-student grade) paint because it will be easier to paint with and actually last longer (more bang for your buck) – which is great when you are on a budget (aren’t we all? 🙂 )

If you want to support my art…consider purchasing an original on or one of my prints or other designs on

All the money earned goes directly into paint supplies!!!

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