Life is better at…Solitude Lake

It has been several months since my ‘cozy romance novel’ was released on Amazon and it has been a wild ride. It isn’t easy being a working writer, also navigating a full time job in software sales…add in my music and art…well it has been nonstop.

Writing a romance novel and finding success on Kindle and with local bookstores has always been a dream of mine. Even before I could write I asked my Grandma Ruby to jot down my story ideas and create colorful illustrations.

Writing and publishing a book is HARD WORK. Even with creativity and courage – it can be difficult to figure out the publishing puzzle. I’m grateful to have found an excellent editor from Reedsy and have great feedback so far online from reviews…still it is a hard space to get into as an indie author.

I have tried Amazon ads, Facebook engagement, Twitter…At the end of the day I’m still figuring it out. To date – I’ve been blessed to have over 500 downloads and gotten a few royalty checks that paid for the FB ads.

Longterm I’d love to transition to spending my career focused on writing and my art business, but it is a long process.

I hope to have more Cupcake stories coming soon to whet my readers appetite and I’m regularly blogging on my Travel blog (adelelassiter.com)

I’d love for you to download a copy of Solitude Lake and post a review!

‘Solitude Lake’ is a thoughtful romance set in Montana’s Glacier Country…After the sudden death of her husband, Susan Dixon moves back to her hometown of Hidden Creek Montana into her family’s cabin on the shores of nearby Solitude Lake to rebuild her life. Her late husband, Bradley, left her with debts and heartbreak that she struggles to face. Back home, she reconnects with her first love and best friend, Jake Arnett..both long for a second chance at love, but is it worth the risk?

Available on Amazon…amazon.com/Solitude-Lake-Hidden-Creek-Romance-ebook/dp/B0B19N9B3M/

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