Autumn Road: Fresh Art on Etsy

Autumn is my favorite color – I love the burnt oranges and flame reds with sunburnt yellows as the trees make their glorious grand finale before winter.

There is so much symbolism in the beauty of fall, as it prepares us for the chill of the upcoming frost and darker days. It ignites a fire of beauty in the changing of the leaves and invigorating crispness of the air.

I love to paint landscapes because each mountain scene or prairie has a unique perspective – and I enjoy exploring the depths of shadows and lights. In the past year I’ve enjoyed developing a ‘contemporary impressionism’ landscape style that puts color and value as the focus.

As I continue my art journey, I’m continuing to learn and master differing styles of painting from realism to modernism, but I tend to find my niche in natural spaces and bringing to life the impression of the colors and space versus full realism.

I started this painting with a base layer of burnt umber and unbleached titanium and build out the colors from there. It takes a lot longer than you would think to create this scene. I spent over ninety minutes on the trees along, as I started with dark greens and burnt browns before layering in color.

I decided to keep this a bit whimsical without creating detailed buildings. I wanted to create the romance of forgotten barns off a country road where adventure awaits.

Autumn Road is now available on Etsy for only $35.00

I keep my art affordable – at cost so everyone has access to beautiful art at a fair price.

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