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Sunday Morning Impression

I’ve been missing in action on Adele Lassiter Creative for awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.

After getting laid off my technology sales job in January, I’ve enjoyed taking a bit of time travel to art museums and improve my craft.

I’ve been selling on Etsy for over a year and while I’ll maintain some presence on the site, I’ve found it is not the best platform to connect with my art clients and showcase my unique artistic style.

My goal as an artist is to build connection and bring joy to the audience. While I need to make some money from the art to pay for paint supplies, my primary focus in selling is to ensure art lovers can take home my art and ENJOY it!

Therefore all my original canvas will be sold on my retail website: adelelassiterart.com

I will also be launching several print on demand collections with partner sites including:

What I’m working on…

  • Chasing Impressionism Series:
    • I love the colors and movement in Impressionism and will be taking that inspiration to the canvas for a new collection of original paintings, prints and more.
  • National Park Art – I continue to paint and support the National Parks.

Also on the horizon:

  • Podcast: As I’m in between jobs, I can finally dedicate time to a passion project…a podcast about art and travel. I will be launching the podcast in March in partnership with my travel blog, American Nomad Traveler.
    • We’ll be touring iconic art museums including The Guggenheim(NYC) to The Uffizi (Italy)
  • Lectures about Art History…I have an art history background and am working on several interactive lectures and classes to share my knowledge and love of art with you! Stay tuned.

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