Faith and Art

Happy Easter

Yosemite Chapel

God is an artist – a creator and I love the gifts of creative HE has given us to spread colors of light and hope into the world.

History always has had dark times – but God has overcome the darkness through Jesus Christ and Easter Sunday.

The path wasn’t easy – God walked through all the difficulties and continues to walk with us on our journey.

While I am a Christian – God loves all of us and is calling you to Himself.

I love spending time with God while creating – I talk to God about story ideas and enjoy the quiet solitude of a hike in the mountains or by the beach.

God comes to use in the stillness and calls us to be HIS hands and feet in the world.

I love to create art and to write stories – so I hope that my art and my stories – even if they are imperfect bring you joy and remind you that there is LIGHT and good in this world.

When you look at a painting – even the masterpieces – they have an ‘ugly phase’ – where the colors look like mud or you wonder ‘should I keep going’ and yet layer after layer and stroke after brushstroke it comes together.

You are God’s masterwork and he sees the perspective – even when life feels like it is muddy and dark.

You are also called to shine light through kindess to others – sometimes it is saying hello to a stranger or a simple smile; othertimes it is sharing a meal with someone in need – or giving your talents to better the world.

Easter reminds us that failure is not fatal and God’s success in overcoming the cross and death has the final word.

Prayers for you all and keep creating!

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